Friday, August 25, 2006

Blog Better with Blogger Beta !!!

Kia Ora (Hello), Because of the number of emails I am getting with regards to Blogger Beta, I have copied the article you see below and posted it on here. Krazy.........??? Only time will tell.
None of my old Blogger/Blogspot blogs have been changed over yet to Blogger Beta, but given time they will be. The blogs you are seeing here are all newly created here.
As for Blogger Beta, I think it's the best thing since "sliced bread" and if a "krazy monkey" can find his way around, I am sure a normal sane person, would not have any problems at all !!!

Copied From Blogger !!!

How do I switch to Blogger in beta?
Thanks for your interest in all the new features we've got coming up! The Blogger in beta program is going to start out small, so only a low percentage of people who log in to Blogger will see the option to switch over. If you're one of them, you'll see a blue box in the sidebar of your dashboard highlighting the new Blogger in beta. Click the "learn more" link there and we'll walk you through the process of switching your account.
Part of this change involves converting your Blogger account into a Google Account (learn more about Google Accounts). If you already have a Google Account, log in with your Google Account email address and password when prompted. A confirmation message will appear to indicate success.
If you do not have a Google Account, you will be given the option to create one. Your new Google Account will automatically be linked to your Blogger account.
Blogger has a new Terms of Service so be sure to read and accept it when it is presented.
That's all there is to it. From this point on, you'll log in to, instead of the usual, to access your account's new features. Remember also to use your new Google Account login information.
If you don't have the link on your dashboard, don't despair. We'll be adding more and more people as we go along, so eventually everyone will be able to switch.