Saturday, October 14, 2006

Blogger Beta........

Don't Try & Change Over Yourself

What-ever you do, don't start a new blog on the Blogger-Beta and then try and move all your old blog over to the new one by yourself, because it doesn't work that way. Google/Blogger will let you know in time when they are ready for your blog to be moved over. As I said earlier, a "blue box" will appear on the right hand side of your dashboard, under where it says "edit your profile". It's just a matter of following instructions at the end of which, they will say that they will email you, when the change over has been made.

A Friends 3 Blogs

I still thinking if I should bring a friend's 3 blogs into the fold or leave them out in the big blog world to fend for themselves. They started in March ' 06 and show only about 135 profile views in that time. Their blogs are still under the old Blogspot/Blogger banner, but the opportunity for them to change over to the new Blogger-Beta is there on their dashboard. I can bring them into the fold with all my krazy blogs while they are still under the old, but I don't think I can do it, once they have changed over to the new. Bringing them into the fold as fully fledged family, would allow them to access all my blogs, if they wanted to do posts on them, as well as access their own blogs.

Totally Different

It is totally diferent from where you invite another blogger, to become a member of your blog.
As a member of a blog, a blogger can only edit his own posts that he puts on the blog that you have sent him/her an email to join. He can not change any of the posts that are already on there, nor can he change any of the settings, etc or change the password.

Been A Member

Been a member of someone else's blog is an honour that is not to be take lightly. I have been a member of other people's blogs before as well as had other bloggers as members of a couple of my blogs. I cut ties, only because Google can't change over the old to the new, if there is more than one name/email address linked to a blog.

Your Feedback Please !!!

I would welcome anything you have to say - good, bad or ugly about Blogger-Beta. I know there are a few bloggers out there in the blog world who are very unhappy and "wished" that they could turn the clock back and have their old blog/s back, but..........!!! So far with the change over of all my blogs (15 in total) from the old to the new, I have not struck any problems - touch wood !!!

Feedback So Far

OK, let me take the first question here:I switched my blog in beta these days, but I can't see my blog now.its reallyyyy made me sad....I just want my old blog you know how to do ?
Monday, October 09, 2006

Carrie, Once you change that is it - you can't go back. How long is it, since you changed over ?(I changed all my blogs over - lost nothing)You have 4 blogs - is the problem with just one or all 4. ?Is the problem/s in "posts" / "settings" / or "layout/template" ?I had a quick look at the 4. I can see them all okay. Even went back to the old - saw 2 childen / one on bike & "Dad" ? It has to be something simple so don't panic. We can do this via email, if it's easier / Kelvin

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'll be back..........