Friday, November 10, 2006

Timelog - 6pm Thursday 9th November.

Muggins, a long-time friend had 4 blogs under the old blogger/blogspot. He gave me the password and allowed me to sign into his blogs as he wanted to change over to the new Blogger-Beta. He didn't want to do the change-over himself and risk losing his blogs, so he asked me if I would do the change over for him. I didn't tell him, but little did he know I was doing it on a wing & a prayer. (hehe) The "blue box" signalling the change-over could be done (under edit your profile) had been showing on his dashboard for a while, so I followed the directions and.................

Timelog - 6pm Friday 10th

All done & dusted, so to speak. Muggin's 4 blogs are now under mine, which is what he wanted. There are a couple of other bloggers as well who have old blogs and want to become "family", so given time you may see some more new additions to this krazy family.

Don't Be In A Rush !!!

The thing is Google will tell you when to change from the old blogger / blogspot to the new Blogger-Beta, by posting a message in a blue box on your dashboard, under "edit your profile". Whatever you do, don't start a new blog on Blogger-Beta and then try and move your old blog over by yourself by "copy & paste". They will do all the moving in their own time and as the above shows, it was all done within a day and nothing at all was lost in the change - not a word !!! The change-over may of been done even sooner than the 24 hours, but I don't know, as this is the first chance I have had to check my email. I told Muggins (who can sometimes, be a bit slow on the uptake) not to add anything at all to his blogs, until I phoned him that the change over has been made.

If You Can't Trust A Friend..............

Muggins will be sitting "on his hands" waiting............for my call, but he can wait a little bit longer. When I do ring him, I'll say "Muggins - you know your blogs, I lost them" !!! I'll give him a few minutes to let off steam and then I'll phone him back and say............fooled you !!! Then & only then will I give him the "password", which will enable him to access not only his blogs, but also all my blogs. As I said, if you can't trust a friend, who can you trust.

Don't Add Anything !!!

Sit on your hands - you can still access your blogs if you really wanted to during the change-over using your old "sign in", but don't !!! To me, once you have started the process for the change-over, it is better to leave your blogs - don't add anything at all to them, no matter how much you want to. When you get the email from Google saying the change over has been made, then...............sign-in using your new details. If you sign in, using your old sign in, a message will come up that the blog has been moved to Blogger-Beta.

Start A New Blog

Okay, once you are in the new, I suggest the first thing you do is to start a new blog. There have been a few changes, mainly under the "template". So it's better to have a new blog to have a play-around on and then once you have managed to work out what's what, slowly start to make the changes to your "good" blog/s. If you make a stuff-up, it's better to do so on a "new" blog rather than make a stuff up on your good blogs and lose some or all of your posts. Just a suggestion - you can put it ................