Monday, November 20, 2006


It seems there are still quite a few "old" blogs out there in the blog world, but whatever you do...........don't start a new blog on Blogger-Beta and try and change your old blog over by moving it via copy & paste. Just sit on your hands until the "blue box" appears on your dashboard - follow the directions and then leave it all in Google's hands.

Flag-it is up & running on the new Blogger-Beta. Click it on & then click it off if you find objectionable content on a blog. The same as it is on the "old" blogger / blogspot as well - this alerts Google/Blogger Beta.

I have seem a couple of comments where a blogger has said that Google / Blogger-Beta is caching all new posts bloggers are putting on their blogs to check for objectionable content. It seems that anyone reading their blog, needs to click the refresh button ??? That's a new one on me. I always have a look at my blog/s whenever I have done posts and they seem to be there.

All is not lost......on the "old blogger" if you left comments on blogs, clicking on your name would take the person to your blogger profile. Also if you entered "Krazy Kelvin" into Google and clicked "I'm feeling lucky" - my blogger profile would show up. After the change-over to the new Blogger-Beta, I ended up with 2 blogger profiles - old & new. Then the "old" profile link stopped working altogether - you could click on to it, but it would just say profile not available. Which was a bugger when it came to "I'm feeling lucky" !!! But, now I see that any "old" comments and my "old blogger profile" link takes me straight to my new profile, which makes me as happy as a monkey with two banana's - one for each ho........hand !!!

A couple of comments from bloggers as well as a link to their blogs
Peter said...
Re commenting on beta, if I find I've forgotten to sign in before commenting I highlight, Ctrl C my comment, sign in then Ctrl V it to the comment box, not worthwhile if it's only a one liner comment.Posts; I have tried to forward date a post so that it will stay on top of the page but find I can't use a forward date either.
Sunday, October 29, 2006

Heavens Cloud said...
Here's my 2 cents, I started out with blogger beta and only used the old blogger once a long time ago. I think it's nifty that you can use your gmail account to sign into it, and how its overall more integrated with google. p.s. kelvin you are a blogging veteren! thanks for the comment
Sunday, November 05, 2006

Comments on Blogger-Beta.............if you have any comments, you know what to do. I'll copy & paste them as I have done with the two above.