Sunday, September 10, 2006

Changing To Blogger-Beta

Kia Ora (Hello), There seems to some confusion out there in the blogging world about Blogger-Beta !!! Is it better ? Is it everything that people say it is cracked up to be or is it a dead duck - for the want of better words. To my way of thinking, you have to have to give it a chance just as you give life a chance. I wouldn't throw it on the scrape heap and abandon ship, just yet as some people are doing and moving to other blog homes.

Krazy Kelvin

What's that saying - it's better the devil you know, than the one you don't know. Stick with it because Blogger-Beta going places, where no man or woman has been before. They have a great bunch of people behind "Google" or they would not of got where they have got today.
Google brought out Blogger in 2003 from the man who started it all - the one I have mentioned on several of my blogs as the Number Blogspot / Blogger in the world. If you click on and have a look, his profile number is # 1 - he is still with Blogger today. If he had abandoned "ship", believe me - I would of been the same liferaft as him.

Here's me who started my first ever blog on Black Friday 13th May 2005, at # 9098295 !!! Have a look at your own profile number and see what it is.

I thought about starting my own website and even been offered "folding stuff" to move on elsewhere but......I like Blogger - it's easy, it's simple, especially for someone like me, who honestly didn't know anything about computers - and still don't. Computers & I are like oil & water - we don't mix. I don't know how I have got this far. I didn't know anything about copy & paste, or anything about downloading photos, etc. I have only learnt all that in the past few weeks. When I first started I asked "friends" to help, but because they couldn't see any cents/sense in a blog or dollars, they all said no !!! So I plodded on and after all this time, those friends who I first asked, who said they weren't reading my blogs, have seen the light & the dollar signs, but tough titties........!!! Given time, I want to make this blogging thing pay for itself by selling stuff on line. I sort of have an idea what to sell, but I have plenty of time. One thing for certainly is that even though I maybe a little krazy (aren't we all - just a little ???) I aren't silly. There is no way in the world that I would rip people off by taking their money and not supplying what I say I will.

If you have a look in the archives of my first ever blog, it is just words, words and more words. I didn't own a computer then and I still don't own a computer. I pay $1 - $2 per hour at internet cafes. I have become such a regular at one cafe, that the owner has given me the password to enter as it has to be entered after each hour. Most people only stay an hour or two at the most. I usually stay about 4 - 5 hours. Sometimes I do an overnight which is $10 from 11pm to 8am. I used to do 24 hours which is $30, but I have stopped that now, prefering to do either overnight or 4 - 5 hours.

I know they need to pull finger as far as customer service goes, but they know that and they are working on it. Look at it from another point of view - what are you paying to have a blog ? A big fat zero !!! If you were paying so much per month or per year per blog, I would say that then you would have something to complain about. I don't know why they don't charge say, a $ or a couple of $'s per week per blog, as it must be costing them millions. Maybe given time, they will start charging - who knows. Or maybe they will take over all the Adsense and put it on everyone's blog whether the blogger likes it or not.

Don't whatever you do, start a new Blogger-beta blog and then try and move everything from your old Blogspot / Blogger blog over to your new blog by yourself. It's a huge job with nearly 30 million blogs, so it's only understandable that they are moving only a few thousand at a time and letting them settle in before moving more across.

I have what I refer to as orphan blogs out there in the blogging world, which stand alone from my group of blogs.
I had a look at one of them today - after I had signed in using my blogger account, there on the Dashboard on the right hand side, under where it has "Edit My Profile" was a new "blue box" with the following words.........."New blogger in Beta. Better blogging with new features. Click on to learn more". You click that on and it takes you thru the stages to change your blog/s over to Beta. Once you are done, a message comes up saying that your blog is in the process of been changed over and they will email you, when it is done.

I still have a couple of orphan blogs out there, that have yet to be changed over, plus my "group of blogs". So hold on to your horses - just because you are starting to see "new blogger-beta blogs" out there and a link to starting a new blog, doesn't mean to say that you have to start your new blog straight away.

I have also seen a couple of blogs, where the blogger has said that they haven't been able to copy & paste on to their Blogger-Beta. They would have to be doing something wrong, because everything I have put on to my 4 Beta blogs this morning has been copied & pasted. I typed it all up yesterday and saved it on to a USB thing (what-ever you call it) - my first. I came into the internet - plugged it in and the rest is, as they say...........history.

I'll be back...........