Sunday, September 24, 2006

Krazy Kelvin - All My Old Blogs Changed Over

Kia Ora (Hello), you can see, all my old blogspot/blogger blogs have finally made the change over to "Blogger-Beta" !!! If it is going to make me a better blogger or not, only time will tell.

There was me waiting & waiting !!!

Re-capping from my last post..........

I have what I refer to as orphan blogs out there in the blogging world, which stand alone from my group of blogs.I had a look at one of them today - after I had signed in using my blogger account, there on the Dashboard on the right hand side, under where it has "Edit My Profile" was a new "blue box" with the following words.........."New blogger in Beta. Better blogging with new features. Click on to learn more". You click that on and it takes you thru the stages to change your blog/s over to Beta. Once you are done, a message comes up saying that your blog is in the process of been changed over and they will email you, when it is done.

But............I couldn't understand what the hold-up was with my "group of blogs". I blame the little man in my head - I am going to have to sack him, as it's all his fault !!! Does anyone want a "little man" - he's free to a good home !!! (hehe) Hey, maybe we could do a swap !!!

I had read something, somewhere but it just didn't click or ring any bells in my head - the little man must of been fast asleep. It was all so simple - the problem was the other blogger's who were members of my blogs and who were linked to my blogs as well as those blogs who I was a member of. So, no sooner had I cut the links............there it was - the little blue box, as mentioned above. I followed the directions and within 2 minutes of changing over and checking emails, it was done & dusty - all my old blogspot/blogger blogs had been changed over.

All that remained for me to do was to change the templates, which is just a matter of clicking on "template" and following the directions. Yes, I can sometimes follow directions and I do have a brain. I will rephrase that - 1/2 a brain !!! I have changed over a few of the old blogs templates, with a few still to do. There isn't much difference for someone on the outside, looking in but when you are on the inside of your blog working away, blogging your little heart out, there is a visible difference.

Don't whatever you do, start a new Blogger-Beta blog and then try and move everything from your old Blogspot / Blogger blog over to your new blog by yourself. It doesn't work like that.
It's a huge job for Blogspot/Blogger, with nearly 30 million blogs, so it's only understandable that they are moving only a few thousand at a time and letting them settle in before moving more across. There is still a few little rough spots to iron out, but they are working on those.

Anyone, anywhere (even if your question is in broken english) is welcome to email me if they have any questions about blogspot/blogger or Blogger-Beta.
I'll post your question/s here and give you my answer, if I can. I will take "comment moderation" off and leave it open so anyone can leave a comment if they have any ideas or suggestions in answer to the question.

So come on, lets help each other get over the rough spots and make Blogger-Beta, the best blogger outfit that there is - second to none !!! (I aren't getting paid to say or do all this)

If you have just one "fun" blog look at starting another blog on a more serious note for your family and the generations of your family, yet to come. Think of the enjoyment your grandchildren and..........(dare I say it) great grandchildren would get to look back at not only the lifestyle you had, but also look at your "photos" !!!

KAMA - Krazy Kelvin - I'll be back...............

PS: I have to laugh !!! Blogger-Beta must of had a look at my "monkey photo" and rated my age in "monkey years" because some how or other instead of been on the right side of 100 I have gone way past that and in terms of human years, I would have to be the oldest human blogger at "250" !!! Honestly - they put it there, not me, so I aren't about to change it.
So just be careful if you have put an "age" but you look old(er) in your photo, you may end up joining me in the "oldies club" !!! (hehe)